Dr. Chanchal Sharma is determined to remove infertility through the world’s oldest Ayurvedic medicine

Dr Chanchal Sharma defines purity in her profession. She is an ardent and a dedicated Ayurvedic Doctor specializing in Medicine & Surgery (BAMS), DGO, MD-AM, D-Certified in Panchakarma Curriculum, Infertility. She lights the way to motherhood as she excel-expertise in treating & healing female infertility.
Her Herbal intellect facilitates placement of fertile substance in infertile Women which she gained soaking her efforts and energy in ascertaining the cause that restricted the path to motherhood. Dr Chanchal Sharma’s Ayurvedic acumen made it possible for the hope-lost infertile females to adorn beauty of pregnancy. She dip-soaks her practice exclusively with Ayurvedic therapy as she believes and conveys encouragement to heal and live the herbal life.
Experience weighs more than theory, but Dr Chanchal believes in a more effective concept, blending of Ayurvedic Pharmacy with her years of experience and admits this combination to be secrets formula in achieving the fertility success feats of her. Her herbal aspiration and the confidence in Ayurveda is the motivation for setting-up the Ayurvedic Infertility Centre in Rajouri Garden, West Delhi which role-plays as a hope clinic to the depressed and fertility deprived women.
A question well-placed is half solved. Apart from being a versatile Ayurvedic professional Dr Chanchal Sharma is also a good listener. The level where she stands and the glorious success in healing infertility is the outcome of her absorbing skills. She believes that it is only the patient who can best describe about their medical condition and she promotes talk-free aura where the couples without hesitation well-explains their infertility challenges. She reasons stress to be major factor for infertility in females which Allopathy often over-looks at. She psychologically pre-prepares couple to adopt & adapt a positive mind-set before opting for herbal fertility treatment.
She recommends Ayurvedic life with Ayurvedic-dietary which positive compliments women in conceiving. Apart from this Dr Chanchal Sharma provides authentic Ayurvedic treatment for the following health disorders associated with infertility –
1) Fallopian tube blockage
2) Hydrosalpinx
3) Polycystic ovarian syndrome
4) Uterine fibroids
5) Thin endometrium
Dr Chanchal Sharma masters re-fertility using her rich Ayurvedic therapy and commits to dedicatedly cure more couples so that they can cherish blessing of parent-hood.

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