Casting director Vivek Gautam considers casting as very important but very challenging


Vivek Gautam, who worked as an Associate Casting Director in Akshay Kumar's blockbuster music video "Filhaal", is being discussed a lot these days. He has done many projects till now. As an Associate Casting Director, he has worked for many Television serials and now for almost 10 music videos including Mastani, Dooji Vaar Pyaar, 2 Hindi films and a web series. He has also done some more work with the team of Director Arvind Khaira, lyricist Jaani and Singer B Praak .

The journey of Vivek Gautam, a resident of Kharra, a small village in Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh, to become a casting director has been full of struggles. In this field he started his career as Crowd Coordinator, then he became Junior Artists Coordinator, then worked as Assistant Casting Director, then Associate Casting Director and now he has done some big projects as Independent Casting Director.

You will be surprised to know that Vivek Gautam did his first project in a casting agency in 2015 as an intern casting, for which he did not get any remuneration but he worked there to gain work experience and learn work. His passion and sincerity towards his work made him succeed and reach where he has reached today in life. Casting direction is a job of great responsibility, Vivek Gautam admits, that there are a lot of challenges in this field. Some people even hate casting directors because they have to cast only one artist at a time. Some people called him a man with a great attitude and ego but then considering his responsibility, he started taking these things lightly.

Many casting directors of Bollywood have also become producer & directors, he too always wanted to be a director. That's why he spends most of his time on the sets with the director on his projects and understands what directing and film making is all about. His upcoming projects are 2 Telugu films with a better star cast, a Hindi film, a web series "Udhamgarh" and a few more music videos. As a casting director, he finds it very challenging but satisfying to cast according to the film or character.

First you have to take the audition, and before that you have to read the whole script to understand about the characters. Then the director's choice has to be taken care of, the actor's talent has to be seen, his available dates need to be checked too. This is a long process but at the end its a responsibility and once full filled makes you happy. When asked he said “He feels that nowadays casting directors are getting due credit.

There is a good response from the director and the production houses. Because the right and perfect casting plays a huge role in the success of a project. In the coming time, he is also casting for Fimi Productions music videos and movies. Vivek Gautam considers Mr Riyaz Immi as his Role Model & Mentor in casting, from whom he has gathered a lot of experience and knowledge.


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