All You Need to Know About Dinesh Parihar


Dinesh Parihar is a 27-year-old social worker in Jodhpur. Born to a middle-class family in a rural area, Dinesh had to face a lot of obstacles. But through self-motivation, he managed to overcome all obstacles.

He says, “One must always find a way to motivate themselves through their struggles. Stopping your journey midway is never the solution He was a part of the NSUI (National Students Union of India) in Jain Narain Vyas University when he realized his calling for helping people and social work. As a result, he was elected the president of NSUI in 2017.

He has won many awards for his service, NSUI First in District Awards and JNVU Election Best Campaign Award. He has also set up many Blood Donation camps to help people, and his Blood Donation and Environment Program received many Certificates and a lot of recognition for their work. He has always wanted to serve the people and will find a way to broaden his horizon. He plans to develop the digitalization of the rural areas as much as possible.


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