Due to COVID – 19, FILM LIBRARY work to initiate from 2023


Jaipur: The pandemic COVID – 19 has highly impacted the wide-ranging preparations for World's Largest And Most Secure Film Library as previously announced by Jaipur international Film Festival Trust. All the activities to raise funds for the Film Library are blocked due to the spread of COVID-19. In such crucial circumstances, the first round of foundation stone for the Film Library is postponed till the next information comes. With the foundation stone of the second round; this work would start again in 2023.

After getting funds from the government for the Film Library, this work would start accordingly.  The procedure of the film's collection would continue in this period.

A proposal by Indian Government and State Government to provide financial support and land for the film library would be submitted soon. For the said purpose; first round talk has taken place already. Due to the pandemic COVID-19, World’s Record Film Festival, to be organized by Jaipur International Film Festival Trust and World's Largest and Most Secure Film Library is possibly going to take place on 26th to 28th May, 2021.


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