Video album "Dard: Sublime Love Story" launched on YouTube

At the moment when Corona is wreaking havoc on all sides, Vipin Priyanka Production launches an international music video album titled "Dard: Sublime Love Story". Directed by award-winning director Dr Vipin Agnihotri, the three-minute song is Prem Ki Yatra, released today on YouTube. The song is sung by South African rapper Splaz.
Vipin Priyanka Production Managing Director Dr Vipin Agnihotri said that it was a big challenge to prepare the song for release, but with the hard work of the team members, it is now turning into a reality. Dr. Vipin Agnihotri hopes that the Indian audience will like this concept. Furthermore, it will be ideal for Indian music lovers who want to see and hear something new.

Buoyed by the prospect, singer Splaz has high hopes that the Indian audience will like the experiment and feel it on screen. The song features Lezia Fratog and Anthony Fruscu. The editing is done by Tanay Sehgal.

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