TV anime “Platinum End” Official Trailer #2 has been released with 10 language subtitles including English

The key visual has also been released! The opening theme song has been announced to be created by BAND-MAID and the ending theme song will be made by Yuu Miyashita!

Today, the TV anime “Platinum End” official trailer #2, which is going to be on air from October 2021, has been released. This trailer shows many new scenes from the TV anime “Platinum End” and also introduces a line up of voices of new characters like, Saki Hanakago (CV:M・A・O) ,Nanato Mukaido (CV:Toshiyuki Morikawa), Kanade Uryu(CV:Kaito Ishikawa), Revel (CV:Natsuki Hanae), Mimi Yamada (CV:Kaori Maeda).
This trailer shows the world view of the production and gives a glimpse of Mirai Kakehashi’s mentality. When watching the visuals of this trailer the viewers must be excited for the new anime! The trailer has subtitles in 10 languages including, Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Thai and Russian. Please check the trailer out!
And also the key visual has been released. All 5 God candidates, Mirai Kakehashi, Kanade Uryu, Nanato Mukaido, Saki Hanakago and Hajime Sokotani, appear and these visuals will give you a hint of the beginning of the story. Look out for each character’s catchphrase as well.
The opening theme song, “Sense”, will be created by BAND-MAID and the ending theme song, ‘Koufukuron’, will be created by Yuu Miyashita. BAND-MAID is the band which will make the opening theme song. BAND-MAID is based in Japan, and despite the visuals of their maid costume, they create hard rock music. Their hard rock sound is supported hugely by many fans and media coverage across the world.
The ending theme song will be created by Yuu Miyashita. He is a singer and illustrator and his talents are vast. He is active mainly in the internet scene. His work includes making lyrics, composing and arranging songs and also producing music videos of animation.
BAND-MAID’s song “Sense” is partially released in the official trailer #2 today and it will be released on the TV Size version from tomorrow, the 6th of September.

It’s now only one month before the TV anime ”Platinum End” starts. You can’t take your eyes from how the story will evolve.

■On air information
TV anime “Platinum End” all 24 episodes will be broadcasted from October 2021.
Story: Tsugumi Ohba Art: Takeshi Obata
The story of life and death from the creators duo of “DEATH NOTE” and “Bakuman。”
It will be broadcasted and distributed in Korea.
Medialink Entertainment Limited ( (“Medialink Group”), is pleased to announce the latest pick up of the new titles, Platinum End TV anime series for the exclusive distribution rights in Asia territories (except China and Korea).
Crunchyroll will be streaming Platinum End worldwide excluding Asia.
Mirai Kakehashi lost his family in an accident and had a painful time with his relatives.
The boy, desperate for everything, throws himself from the roof of a building on the day he graduates from junior high school. However, he meets an angel there and...
Mirai Kakehashi:Miyu Irino
Nasse:Yui Ogura
Saki Hanakago:M・A・O
Revel:Natsuki Hanae
Nanato Mukaido:Toshiyuki Morikawa
Barret:Ai Kayano
Kanade Uryu:Kaito Ishikawa
Meyza:Kikuko Inoue
Hajime Sokotani: Tomoaki Maeno
Balta:Hikaru Midorikawa
Mimi Yamada:Kaori Maeda
Mizukiyo Minamikawa:Shoya Chiba
Original Work: Tsugumi Ohba (Story), Takeshi Obata (Art) (Shueisha Jump Comics)
1st Series Director:Hideya Takahashi
2nd Series Director:Kazuchika Kise
Character Design: Koji Ohya
Series Composition:Shinichi Inotsme
Background Art:KUSANAGI
Art Setting: Hideyasu Narita (KUSANAGI)
Color Design:Ayumi Ikeda
CGI Director: Masanori Ikeda (DIGITAL FRONTIER)
Sound Director:Takatoshi Hamano
Sound Production:MAGIC CAPSULE
Editing:Yusuke Ueno (Imagica Entertainment Media Services)
Music:Masahiro Tokuda
Opening Theme BAND-MAID “Sense”
Ending Theme:Yuu Miyashita “Koufukuron”
Animation Production:SIGNAL.MD
■Opening Theme song
Music and arranged by BAND-MAID
On sale October 27,2021
<Release in advance>
On sale September 6,2021(Release&Subrispriction service )
BAND-MAID “Sense” (TV Size version)
<Product information>
■First press limited edition [CD+Blu-ray]
PCCA-06076 / JPY 3,410 (tax included)
Digipak (subject to change)
■First press limited edition [CD+DVD]
PCCA-06077 / JPY 2,310 (tax included)
With sleeve case (subject to change)
■normal edition [CD ONLY]
PCCA-06078 / JPY 1,320 (tax included)
First press limited: anime design sticker/wrap label
*The design is an integration of the opening theme song “Sense” by BAND-MAID and the ending theme song “Koufukuron” by Miyashita Yuu.
*Prices and contents are subject to change without notice.
International customers may make advance purchases of exclusive bonuses on these websites.
There is a limited quantity of the exclusive bonuses.
We recommend that you pre-order the items while supplies last.
*Please note that the COVID-19 shipping restrictions may cause delays/suspensions to some countries.
*Please visit the below sites for the latest updates on international shipping policy.
*Shipping rates vary depending on the region.
Original design “Mega jacket”|B09F9RXY11|B09F9RXNTB|
・HMV&BOOKS online
TYPE-B A4 clear file
TYPE-C A4 clear file
Official Twitter:
Official HP:
Official Instagram:
■Ending Theme song
Yuu Miyashita “Koufukuron”
Lyrics by hotaru(TaWaRa) /Music by Tom-H@ck(TaWaRa) /Arranged by KanadeYUK(TaWaRa)
Jacket illustration: Yuu Myashita
On sale November 17,2021
<Product information>
Here is the link to order CD in advance:
■First press limited edition(CD+DVD)PCCA.06089 / JPY 1,870(tax)included
*DVD contents: 1) “Koufukuron” music video     2) “Phantom Raid”  music video
■Normal edition(CD ONLY)PCCA.06090 / JPY 1,320(tax included)
First press limited: anime design sticker/wrap label
*The design is an integration of the opening theme song “Sense” by BAND-MAID and the ending theme song “Koufukuron” by Miyashita Yuu.
Recorded tracks (subject to change)
Track 1: Koufukuron(lyrics by hotaru/ Music by Tom-H@ck /arranged by KanadeYUK)
              *ending theme song of TV anime “Platinum End”
Track2: bystander(lyrics/ Music /arranged by Yuu Miyashita)
Track3: Phantom Raid(lyrics/Music/arranged by Ren)
Track4: Koufukuron(TV Size version)
Download & streaming:
■Information of TV anime “Platinum End”
Official HP:
Official Twitter:
Official Instagram:
©Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata/SHUEISHA, Platinum End Project


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