The Real Truth Behind Rajan Shah’s New Song “Like Ka Button (Like Me Like Me)”

It seems that singer/songwriter Rajan Shah’s new song ‘Like Ka Button (Like Me Like Me)’ is aimed at young generation. The song is an upbeat song and maybe liked by the audience looking for new Hip-Hop dance numbers to dance on, or for their social media posts. 

The song start with the words ‘Oongh Raha Thaa’, meaning the writer was dozing off and, arguably, the first time the word ‘Oongh’ was used in a Bollywood song. Rajan Shah loves to experiment with words and topics that have not been discovered by other lyricists yet. Likewise this song is a little different and written for fun but also for people searching for love on social media. The song is advising them to go ahead and hit the ‘Like’ button, without fear, and hope for the best. We will soon find out if the audience ‘Likes’ the new song ‘Like Ka Button (Like Me Like Me) and start to hit the actual ‘Like’ button on social media for this song.


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