Jaipur. The grand festival of films is going to take place in the city of JAIPUR from 17th to 21st January. The five-day Jaipur International Film Festival will showcase 240 films from 69 countries. At the same time, a number of special and non-commercial shows would be held in the festival, which makes JIFF 2020 more special.

The Jaipur International Film Festival [JIFF], inaugurated by Jaipur International Film Festival Trust and Aryan Roj Foundation is going to happen from 17th to 21st January this year at INOX Cinema Hall [GT Central].  

Padosi delivers the message of Hindu – Muslim Unity

The festival is going to have several SPECIAL SHOWS for film lovers. Veteran director V. Shantaram's film Padosi would be one of the SPECIAL SCREENINGS. Especially for V. Shantaram's fans, this film will be screened at INOX [G. T. Central] in Screen 1 | Audi 1.

V Shantaram's well-known film Padosi [1941] is a film touching social issues. This social drama makes the film very relevant in today's times, which asserts of Hindu-Muslim unity. The film focuses on the communal tension that arose in the country after the Muslim League was formed. V. Shantaram tried to convey the message of love to the people through this film showing Hindu-Muslim unity and brotherhood. The film was well received by the audience and critics due to its significant theme.

The film starred Mazhar Khan, Gajanan Jagirdar, Anees Khatoon, Radha Kishan, Lajwanti, Sumitra, Gopal and Balak Ram. It is also special to see that in the film, Mazhar Khan played a Hindu character, while Gajanan Jagirdar did the Muslim’s role.

The film revolves around the story of a village, where people from different communities live together. In the village are Pandit and Mirza, who are good friends of each other. Onkar, an industrialist who came to build a dam in the village, tries to get these people divided. Many incidents happen and eventually the dam breaks. Both old friends come together and are killed trying to save their lives. Through the character of the industrialist in the film, it is portrayed how the British rulers ruled on the strategy of DIVIDE and RULE.



Spotlight is an American biographical drama film directed by Tom Macarthy. The film, made in 2015, is about INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM of the oldest Newspaper in the United States. The film is based on the Boston Globe team, which investigates the events of Child Sex abuses spreading across Boston. It is noteworthy that the Spotlight team was awarded the Pulitzer Prize 2003 for Public Service for these News Stories. The Film has been awarded with Oscar Award for Best Picture.

Especially for Media Persons and Journalists, this Special Non-Commercial Screening has been organized by Haridev Joshi Journalism and Mass Communication University. The film would be shown on 19th January at 12 pm in INOX [G.T. Central] in Screen 1 | Audi 1.



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