IIS Celebrates Outstanding Scores of its SSE-2021 students


IIS applauds the remarkable scores of its students in SSE-2021.The management appreciates and applauds the support of the stakeholders, especially the parents and mentors who walked this path with the students boosting their morale, monitoring them on this road to success. It sure was a herculean task switching from physical to online classroom at such tender age.

This batch has initiated a revolution in this dynamic world of technology, sacrificing the freedom of their play ground, their friends, outdoor activities without a complaint, adapting themselves to the changing times, accepting challenges, being the game changers, the strong pillars of IIS, the iron pillars that can withstand time, bounce back and emerge high.

The Director, Dr. Ashok Gupta and the Principal, Ms. Mala Agnihotri congratulated this team on standing tall inspite of all odds, carving a niche for them, setting a record that IIS will always be proud of. The institution is proud to be the vanguard of nurturing global citizens well equipped to withstand the changing times.


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