Teabox introduces refreshing range of caffeine-free iced teas with no added sugar in its ‘Summer Blends 2022’


Crafted with real fruits and spices, the brand’s ‘Summer Blends’ iced teas is a fresh blast of flavour without caffeine or additional sugar

Mumbai, June 2022: India’s luxury premium tea brand,  Teabox has introduced three new iced-tea Summer Blends—Kokum Hibiscus Tisane, Mint Jamun Tisane and Vanilla Grape Tisane—to its existing wide-ranging array of teas. Made with real fruits, 100% caffeine-free, and without any added sugar, these refreshing flavours come as much-needed, healthy coolants in the sweltering summer heat.

In summers - cool refreshing drinks like iced teas often bring respite from the hot sun. This, coupled with today’s fast-paced life, sees most of us resort to ready-to-go powdered iced tea mixes to refresh ourselves instantly. However, since these mixes generally tend to contain a significant amount of added sugar alongside caffeine, our bodies are recharged at the price of not being mindful of what we consume. To resolve this dilemma, Teabox has created three distinct iced-tea blends that are caffeine-free and with no additional sugar. In fact, compared to the general 75.4 gms sugar (per 100g) that most brands of powdered mixes often contain, Teabox’s Mint Jamun Tisane has 34.84 gms sugar (per 100g), Kokum Hibiscus Tisane has 0.708 gms sugar (per 100mg), and Vanilla Grape Tisane has 24.69 gms sugar (per 100 g) - which is 2x, 106x, and 3x less sugar content respectively than powdered mixes. Moreover, the sugar is naturally occurring in the ingredients used for the range of blends - 

1) Kokum Hibiscus Tisane: Blended with strawberries, ginger, salt, hibiscus, cinnamon, rose petals, mint leaves, and of course, kokum—a widely popular fruit from the Western Ghats used to make kokum sherbet—this tisane is the perfect coolant to sip on warm summer days. While its tangy, umami flavours are refreshing, subtle tones of mint linger on in the aftertaste, adding a savoury feel to this fruity extravaganza.


2) Mint Jamun Tisane: This iced tea is crafted with Malabar plum dates that are, in turn, power-packed with antioxidants and nutrients while also being excellent coolants! Moreover, the blend also includes pineapple and mint, making for a blast of flavours that beat the heat. A cup of this tisane will brim with sweet notes of Jamun and pineapple alongside refreshing minty and citrusy lemon-flavoured accents.

3) Vanilla Grape Tisane: The naturally vanilla-flavoured rejuvenating tisane is blended with black raisins, pineapple and almonds. Its sweet-creamy aroma is marked by notes of vanilla, which will flood your palate. In addition to this, the iced-tea also has a delectable sweet-citrusy accent of pineapple with subtle hints of dried raisins, making for a sublime experience under the summer sun.
Powdered Ice Tea Label v/s Teabox Summer Blends 2022 Labels


Other Brands (Powdered Ice Tea Mix)- 75.4 gms sugar
Teabox Ice teas Summer Blends 2022 - 24.69/0.708/34.84 per 100 gms sugar


Vanilla Grape Tisanes - 3X Less Sugar (75.4 / 24.69)
Mint Jamun Tisanes - 106X Less Sugar (75.4/0.708)
Kokum Hibiscus Tisanes - 2X Less Sugar (75.4/34.84)
(All naturally occurring sugars)

Talking about the launch, Kausshal Dugarr - Founder and CEO, Teabox India said, “Reinventing how tea is enjoyed in India and around the world has been our constant endeavour. And for our ‘Summer Blends,’ we were not only inspired by age-old recipes of cooling sherbets but have also been mindful of the importance of staying fit in today's day and age. Which is why our newest iced-tea blends have been crafted to be caffeine-free without any additional sugar apart from what is naturally present in nutritious fruits and spices used as ingredients - thereby giving us a right step towards redefining tea drinking!”


Driven by rapid urbanisation and changing consumer lifestyles, the Indian iced tea market is expected to grow by leaps and bounds. Meanwhile, the working population are seeking healthy products that are convenient to consume on the go and meet their nutritional requirements of being sugar-free/having low sugar. Leveraging this, Teabox’s range of ‘Summer Blends’ iced teas comes at the perfect time to fill the gap with an entirely natural product with no additives or caffeine.

About Teabox


Teabox is the world’s first vertically integrated premium tea brand that is disrupting a $50 billion industry with its innovations in technology/supply chain/marketing. It has been widely chronicled as a disruptive idea in a 200-year old industry that is ushering the third wave of tea. Since its inception, Teabox has shipped over 100 million cups to customers in 115 countries. Started with an e-commerce focus, Teabox has moved into an omnichannel brand with fast retail expansion.


Teabox is backed by Accel Partners, RB Investments, JAFCO Asia and Dragoneer Investment Group. For more information, please visit www.teabox.com


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