Nihar Shanti Amla offers free access to education to students in rural India through their ‘Padhai Par Lockdown Nahi’ campaign

Jaipur- Children's education is the cornerstone of our nation's progress is a must not disrupt the education situation announced by admiring peace Amla has Kovid -19 special operations are in Dhyaln this notion. This campaign has not been named lockdown on the studies.
Under this initiative admiring being ensured by peace Amla living on student their homes through their phone pick India Educate program and to continue its Pdhaiklikhai. Uktk program was launched last year. Brand has also provided virtual Clashsej through Patshalafnwala app. The apple can be downloaded from Google Playstore.
Phone Pick India to learn to speak to children in English Jriaa rural Educate program and Abyays it. Chhatra can call the toll free number and a large Wyekti living in the city, you can continue your English modules negotiated over the phone with the help of volunteers. In the current situation where people are working tirelessly on homes and may have potentially Atirikts time to help Haa educated by brand Urban Upbhoktaoon of your time around being invited to that week just 10 minutes to help these students Abyaas to speak English through Swevchchhapurwk note and phone lines.
Pursue the program and aim to include Anyv learning opportunities from virtual methods made available also Skurli course Patshalafnwala Apps collaboration with Sea admiring peace harbored by AAS school. Abia CBSE Utter is available at the state and designed on the 6th Skumli course app to 10th grade, according to Anoais board. Benefit students letting Unhens chap in English and Hindi languages ​​thus taught. These Hayne as academic videos that are up to about 15 minutes. Letting students understand taught to improve lessons and Spsht methods can also communicate with teachers via the Appak.
Talking about these initiatives by Koshy George Chief Marketing Adikaria Marico said admiring peace Amla foundations always developing education Rashtrr that considered it. Kovid 0.19 epidemic has created serious challenges for the continuation of education. We have to ensure Pdhaiklikhai during the lockdown to understand and students began the program. The Jriaa Vyske living in cities can learn how to speak English Bchchonn the villages from their homes. Students living in rural areas can sometimes also take advantage of the convenience of anywhere learning English through simple home Fonkadharit Madhykm. We studied the courses of other subjects Patshalafnwala Appe has cooperated with AAS school to provide achievement. This course Uplbdk according Sibisia UP and Anoais board for students from Class 10 to Class 6. We are making efforts to bring Skaratmak difference in the lives of these Bchchoni together we Jriaa these initiatives that Biswaks and Biswarspuarna educate building Young India.
Admiring peace Amla is constantly striving towards strengthening its mission to educate Bchchona deprived living areas Durkdraj country. The Hetua it be used by the Srwottm techniques Haa so that it not only students could reach also connect better results Unhenr to educate rather than teaching them.
AV admiring the last few years of peace Patshalafnwala ran Programsp mass to reach rural areas. These programs have had Skaratmak reflected in more than 7,500 villages and past Warsa have made 10 million calls and 3 million children with these villages.

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