BUZUD's 2-in-1 Blood Glucose & Uric Acid Monitoring System


Singapore – BUZUD, Fosun Trade Medical Devices, a leading  manufacturer of medical appliances, is pleased to announce the availability of BUZUD’s Safe  AQ UG Blood Glucose and Uric Acid Monitoring System. This two-function test system  enables users to measure blood sugar and uric acid levels conveniently and accurately from  the comfort of their homes within 30 seconds—without the need to visit a laboratory.  

Certified by government health ministries in many countries, including Singapore’s Health  Sciences Authority (HSA), this system saves time by testing for both blood glucose and uric  acid levels quickly and simultaneously. While it is safe and affordable to test for blood glucose  levels at home, the conventional way to test uric acid levels is to send a urine or blood sample  for testing to a laboratory. This process is costly and can take up to 3 days before the results  are available.  

The handy BUZUD Safe AQ UG Blood Glucose and Uric Acid Monitoring System is a new generation bifunctional monitoring system that uses FAD-GDH (flavin adenine dinucleotide dependent glucose dehydrogenase) technology, coupled with the anti-interference enzyme  layer design. This enables more accurate blood glucose tests based on electrochemical 

glucose measurements without interference by oxygen, blood, ascorbic acid, and other  internal and external interference sources in the blood sample.  

According to the World Health Organization, 422 million people worldwide have diabetes and  it is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Effectively managing diabetes would  depend on patients regularly testing their blood glucose levels and taking steps based on  using the results to take action—many do not test as regularly as they should. 

High uric acid levels occur when the kidneys are unable to eliminate uric acid efficiently, and  can cause uric acid crystals to form. Untreated and constantly high uric acid levels can lead  to gout, permanent bone, joint and tissue damage, kidney disease, and heart disease.  Regularly monitoring of uric acid levels is key to effective uric acid management. 

“People with high levels of blood sugar and/or uric acid often find it challenging to regularly  monitor their blood sugar and uric acid levels as it can be a hassle to test quickly and simply,”  said Mr. Frankie Fan, founder, CEO and CTO of BUZUD, Fosun Trade Medical Devices.  “BUZUD’s Safe AQ UG Blood Glucose and Uric Acid meter is a new generation of bifunctional  monitoring system that offers the convenience of testing both blood glucose and uric acid on  a single meter, with results detected within 30 seconds.” 

Features and Advantages 

The BUZUD Safe AQ UG Blood Glucose and Uric Acid Monitoring System is easy to use,  where blood glucose and/or uric acid test strips are inserted into the Safe AQ UG blood  glucose and uric acid meter. A lancet is used to prick a finger and a small sample of blood is  applied to the test strips. The blood glucose test results will be shown within 5 seconds and  uric acid test results within 25 seconds. Then, it just takes one-click to eject the test strips in a  safe and hygienic way. 

The Monitoring System includes the following:  

Safe AQ UG blood glucose and uric acid meter 

Safe AQ UG blood glucose test strip 

Safe AQ UG uric acid test strip 

Blood glucose control solution 

Uric acid control solution

To help the user keep track of blood glucose and uric acid levels, the Safe AQ UG blood  glucose and uric acid meter stores 200 of the most recent results (100 blood glucose and 100  uric acid test results) with date and time stamps. 

Designed for in vitro diagnostic use, the BUZUD Safe AQ UG Blood Glucose and Uric Acid  Monitoring System should not be used for the diagnosis of or screening of diabetes and  hyperuricemia (HUA).  


The BUZUD Safe AQ UG Blood Glucose and Uric Acid Monitoring System is now available  for purchase in Singapore, Australia, China, Europe, and Malaysia. 

About BUZUD 

BUZUD, Fosun Trade Medical Devices, is a Singapore-based medical appliance brand. The  brand carries a variety of high-quality medical products of the latest and best technologies.  Visit BUZUD’s showroom at Raffles Hospital to view the brand’s top-of-the-line medical  appliances. 


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