Ayurvedic Personal Care Ayouthveda store launch at Pacific Mall NSP

New Delhi:  Ayurvedic Personal Care brand Ayouthveda launched its first flagship store today at Pacific Mall, NSP, Pitampura, Delhi. Inaugurated by celebrity and beauty icon Hina Khan, Ayouthveda has in the recent times emerged as one of India’s fastest growing Ayurvedic personal care brands specializing in formulating world-class beauty and wellness products.

A sub-venture of the prestigious Aimil Pharmaceuticals, Ayouthveda was instituted in 2020 during the middle of the pandemic. Since its inception, the Ayurvedic personal care brand has witnessed an upward growth trajectory even amidst the turbulence. Targeting to rake in sizable revenue of Rs 100 crore in the upcoming three years, the company has clocked annual returns spanning Rs 12 crore in FY-2020-21.

With a vision to become the undisputed leaders of the Indian skincare and personal care segment, Ayouthveda currently offers an immaculate range of products across four basic categories: Face Care, Hair Care, Bath and Body Care Intimate, and Hygiene Care.

Mr Abhishek Bansal, Executive Director, Pacific Group congratulated the brand on its grand opening and said, “We are glad that our newly opened mall is welcoming young brands, the location of mall is ideal for tapping a wider demographic in the capital city of Delhi. We hope this flagship store brings massive success to Ayouthveda.”

About Ayouthveda

Ayouthveda is India’s fastest growing Ayurvedic personal care brand which specializes in formulating world-class beauty and wellness products that are 100% free from harsh chemicals, parabens, and artificial color. Established in 2020, Ayouthveda is headquartered in New Delhi. It offers the best and safest beauty products and formulations to customers amidst a sea of dubious and low-quality products that plague the Indian market. It offers a complete range of products for face care, hair care, bath & body care, intimate & hygiene care.

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