UNICEF has enlisted Manushi Chhillar to spread awareness about menstrual hygiene in India.


Manushi Chhillar has been tirelessly working to raise awareness about menstruation and hygiene in India, and this year she has been enlisted by UNICEF to do so. Manushi said about the initiative, "Bad menstrual hygiene harms the health and wellness of women and especially teenage girls, but we mostly don't discuss this." The current culture of menstrual silence, misleading information, and harmful mythologies denies many girls future and career opportunities.”

UNICEF strongly supports menstrual hygiene knowledge for girls before their first period. Men and boys need to understand and support and start conversations about periods. Manushi will work on these as well, using her social media platforms to reach out to a youth population. Manushi said such pandemic has worsened menstruation-related issues for women and girls.

 “COVID-19, lockdowns, and safety precautions have affected access to sanitary items, and that causes difficulties for females." said the former Miss World. We must address menstruation-related myths and shame, educate men and young boys on how to support the girls, and speak up for access to essential sanitary products for girls and women in times of crisis.


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