I find peace when I listen to kirtains: Bhumika Vaishnav

Actress and Model Bhumika Vaishnav is a big devotee of Lord Krishna and celebrates Janmashtami, his birthday, every year. This year too, the actress has big plans. “Every year I do very big of Janmashtami. It's my favorite festival, I fast and I cook everything myself for the bhog and I do the pooja and celebrate Lord Krishna's birthday at midnight. I call my friends at home to have food. I wait for it eagerly every year,” says Bhumika, who was last seen with Comedian Pankaj Sharma.

In fact, she visits the temple too regularly. “I find peace when I listen to kirtans. I visit Krishna Temple near my house whenever I get time. Vrindavan Iskon is like my second home. I visit it 3 to 4 times a year,” she says.

Ask her what she loves about his teachings and she says, “To treat everyone with love, love everyone around you are some of the things that I have imbibed in my life from the teachings of Krishna. One thing I learned is to do your work with full honesty, that is Karma.” 

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